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About us

Exponexy is fast-growing IT product company with domain expertise in web-development and internet marketing.

We do what seems impossible today to build a better tomorrow. True to ourselves and our dreams, we are helping to make the world around us a better place.

Exponexy corporate values
Freedom and Responsibility

We are convinced that only a free person that has the right to choose is able to fulfill his/her potential to the full. We trust our employees and always encourage them to raise their professional standards and broaden their knowledge and competence. Leading the way means responsibility: for decisions, people, and their future. We assume responsibility for all that we do. Our weapon is the spirit of innovation and responsible leadership. We change the world around us.

Spirit of innovation

Innovation and creativity are in our blood. Our original approach, introduction of new products and progressive ideas, our hunger for knowledge and constant quest for non-standard solutions – all this has driven the development of our company. We have always seen the way ahead, anticipating the future.


Drive! Success! Leadership! A cold shower twice a day. Others deserve the same things we have. The main thing is for us to get it first.

Our technologies

Exponexy is the Employer of choice for western-market specialists.

Our company is always open for SMART SEO experts and OUTSMART traffic specialists. Enter a circle of people who will define tomorrow.

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